Overall Rating: 97.90%
Average Rating: 9.79/10
I sincerely enjoy the Jalapeño Pepper sauce. I enjoy the flavor but appreciate the viscosity the most. So many other hot sauces, Texas Pete, Louisiana hot sauce, Frank's...have no clue how to make a quality hot sauce, they are watery. The jalapeño pepper sauce reminds me of the sauce I would get at my favorite wings place in college, I would order extra sauce on the side to add as a condiment on my sandwiches and meals throughout the week. I am very satisfied and happy that this fine product exists. I buy a bottle at whole foods about every other week. It IS great on just about everything. I like it on my avocado toast in the morning, mixed in with my sautéed kale at night or on a weekend pizza. You have created an exemplary hot sauce and I applaud your company and your product.
John K
I tried your MegaDiablo sauce. It has to be the best on the market for mortals.
I know you're into the "all natural, organic" stuff, but if you blended your MegaDiablo with some radioactive nuclear waste, GMO's, and a dash of nitromethane, you'd corner the market on hot sauce for us immortals.

Just a suggestion. Thanks for an excellent product.
Paul B
I love the Habanero Pepper Sauce. I have three bottles at work and three at home. Food doesn't taste the same without putting any Habanero sauce on it. I love spicy food and always craving it. I have tried other habanero sauces but your sauces are the best.Thanks for making the best Habanero sauce ever.
Rafael Gonzalez , PPG PAINTS
Dear Arizona Gunslingers,

Your green pepper hot sauce is the best damn hot sauce I've ever tried!
Originally from Belgium I work internationally and have tried my fare share of spicy food around the world. From African piri piri, to kitchen top Tapatio, including Sriracha.

About 3 years ago, while road-tripping to the Grand Canyon with my mom and a friend, we stopped in Flagstaff, and had breakfast at the Crown Rail Road Diner before going to the national park. Where I had the surprise of my life, when I tried your heaven sent green pepper sauce on my breakfast burrito.

After visiting the canyon and on our way back to California, I tried to buy some, but couldn't. That was a total bummer, and I went on and on and on about that sauce to everyone who would listen. For 2 and a half years I talked about that sauce!!!!
Needless to say when that I finally went back to that diner last June, this time, I grabbed a couple of bottles with me! (with the approval of our waitress too).

I have been savouring it and selfishly not sharing it! But I am now back in Belgium and the last bottle is almost empty... How sad.

I just wanted you to know that my mouth is thanking you for making such an amazing product! You need to know how great your sauce is!
I'm a happy customer that wants to share the happiness! May you keep producing for many more years!

Thank you,
Greetings from South Korea! Fantastic flavor in all your sauces!
Dan Kim

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