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Average Rating: 9.66/10
Very disappointed in some of the products. The new wing sauce is HORRIBLE! Diablo is just ridiculous. Im in NM and can handle heat but that is just terrible. The other two sauces are way much vinegar. Will stick with the packets and Pepper Sauce. Olives and popcorn were good out of the entire order.

Kim, we value your feedback and appreciate the time you spent on the phone with us to clarify your concerns. As discussed, the MegaDiablo was developed for those who crave the challenge of an unbearably hot wing sauce. It seems we succeeded there. As for the other wing sauces, we can gracefully accept that they were not to your liking. We sincerely hope that you continue to enjoy our other products as you have in the past.
Arizona Pepper Products.
Kim K
Hello Arizona Peppers :)

A while ago I bought your Jalapeno Pepper Sauce. It blew my mind! It added so much flavor to every food I put it on. I didn't want to try another type because I assumed none of them would live up to the amazing flavor of the Jalapeno sauce. Today I purchased the Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce and it is EVEN BETTER!! Everyone at my work loves it now too. We had to buy a couple more bottles for the office so everybody would stop using mine HAHA.
Keep up the great work, Arizona Peppers! You guys rock
Brooke G
I moved to AZ in 2001. I thought people using hot sauce on eggs were insane. I went to the Country Café in Flagstaff and saw Gun slinger on the table. I dec ided to put some on my eggs. Instantly sold. I now use it on everything. I now live in south Florida (can't find it here), so I told my wife today that I am ordering a case for my birthday this Friday. She told me that I had better if I wanted to keep peace in the house. Than k you for opening my eyes, and changing my life. Love Ya'll!
William (Wild Bill) Gadsden
I have been using hot sauces for over 50 years and with AZGunslinger hot sauce have finally found the best ever ! Great taste and organic ! thanks!
I love this sauce line... I'm a multi-product buyer and every product is best in its class. Thanks AZ Gunslinger
Clinton Goven

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