Overall Rating: 99.35%
Average Rating: 9.94/10
Great smokey taste - I get it by the gallon. Dr Bob
Dr Bob Dick, Bob Dick, PhD,PA
YOU make an awesome Chipotle Habanero sauce! Do you put drugs in them? Very addicting, and delish!
Ken Wertz, Sun Construction
Poppy puts AZ Gunslinger on banana
Tyler B
I have been using the Organic Haverst, and let me me tell you, there is no other sauces like these one, My husband and I are in love with them all!!!!Even my 4 year old likes them too, a little bit too of course!!! thanks and don't stop making them, love them, love them!!!
Where's the giant plastic bottle of Gunslinger that I used to be able to buy? 5 and 10 oz are empty too soon and it bums me out.

I always take the opportunity to try different types of hot sauce. Some dishes are just better with a horseradish or red pepper based sauce of course, but when you need jalapeno, Gunslinger has to be the go-to.
John M

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