Overall Rating: 97.90%
Average Rating: 9.79/10
BEST hot sauce I ever tasted!
I first tried it by accident, stopping at a road diner and couldn't buy any at the time.
I came back to that same diner 2 and a half years later to find it as I left it: a perfect union of flavour and hotness.
It took me 2 continents, 8 time zones and a combined 30 hours of travelling to eat it again, and it was all worth it!
Brought some back with me, since my burritos don't taste the same without it!
Thank you for an awesome product! All orders have been perfect! All products I have ordered are delicious!
Gregory T
Recently purchased xhot MegaDiablo pepper sauce for my NY daughter. She loves all your products but this pepper sauce she doesn't like (way too hot) and she loves anything with habanero in it. Not a favorite.

Thank you for your feedback Diana. Sorry to hear that our new MegaDiablo was way too hot for your daughter. Precisely why we put the warning on the label. We understand that not everyone will be able to handle the heat. Arizona Pepper Products.
Best I have found. Very good flavor and not to hot for me. Thanks, Darrell
My son came home from college raving about the gunslinger honey mustard sauce. I spent some time on the computer trying to locate the sauce(at a reasonable price) in order to surprise him. Thank goodness for your website! I can't wait to try this honey mustard sauce for myself!

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