Overall Rating: 99.13%
Average Rating: 9.91/10
I was at the Airport in Phoenix and purchased 5 bottles to bring home in Long Beach - I passed it out and WOW everyone just loves it!! My daughter puts it on everything she puts in her mouth and we all love it.... wish we sold it locally but we can order on line
Pam Woodward
For tacos and any kinda Mexican food the green jalapeno sauce is the best, hot like I like it with a good flavor.
Anthony Cross, FMW Wrestling
This is, by far, the best hot sauce I've ever had. I've been enjoying it for over 10 years now, and it gave me the idea to move to AZ 5 years ago. The sauce isn't overly hot, nor just spicey, it's perfectly flavorful. No other hot sauce compares to the perfect blend of ingredients and preparation. Customer for life!
Adam C
About 3 yrs. ago, or so, my husband and I stopped for breakfast at a diner. On the table along with Tabasco Sauce was Smokin` Hot Jalapeno Pepper Sauce. I had to try it since it was new to me. OMG, I was immediately hooked. I called the waitress over and asked her where I could buy this incredible stuff. She told me you can`t, they ordered the sauce from the company for a regular customer of theirs. Sooo, I did`nt have my reading glasses with me, so had my spouse look on the bottle for the website. I wrote it down and have been ordering this by the case ever since. I received a case of Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce that I ordered last week. Love it!! Today I ordered a case of Smokin` Hot Jalapeno Pepper Sauce to go with the other. We are so addicted to the stuff. No other pepper sauce compares to the outstanding flavor of azgunslinger. I use it on my hot wings recipe and for bbq sauce, put it on just about everything.My 10 yr. old grandaughter loves the stuff also. Yes, it`s hot, but the heat does`nt stay on your tongue forever. The best pepper sauce on the planet that was ever made, and I have tried a lot of brands through the years. Once you try this Pepper Sauce you will never want another.I always order the 10 oz. bottles when I order by the case. Thank You azgunslinger for an incredible product.
From Oregon
Absolutely LOVE the Jalapeno Pepper Sauce! Always have to have a bottle of it in the house and is pretty much the only hot sauce we use now. Goes great with many different types of food but I particularly like it in deviled eggs.

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