New Mexico – Pepper Mash

Once Bill was introduced to a broker he knew that he could no longer use the jalapenos from his garden. He found a company in New Mexico that would make what is called “pepper mash.” Bill had to pick up this mash so he would rent a U-Haul truck filled with 12 empty 55-gallon drums. He would leave late in the afternoon, drive 5 hours to New Mexico where he would then sleep in the bed of his truck because he was too poor to afford a hotel room. In the morning the 12 barrels would be filled and he would drive another 5 hours back to Arizona. Bill would do this every 2 weeks for 12 years until Arizona Gunslinger was able to afford the mash to be shipped to Arizona from the same company. However, now the “pepper mash” is shipped to us in 300 gallon totes.

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