Organic Harvest Gluten Free Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce

Organic Harvest Gluten Free Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce

Price: $7.99


OH-30 One 5-oz. Bottle - $7.99 each
OH-34 Three 5 oz. Bottles - $20.99 for Three
OH-31 Six-5 oz. Bottles - $28.99 for Six
OH-32 Twelve-5 oz. Bottles - $45.99 for Twelve
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Our Organic Harvest Gluten Free Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce is hand made with 100% Organic Chipotle and hot Habanero Peppers grown in the sunny Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico.  Use this versatile sauce to add healthy and exceptional flavor to your soups, salads, vegetables, marinades, pizza, bloody marys, eggs.... Any dish you can imagine!!

One 5-oz. Bottle ............................... $7.99

Three 5oz. Bottles ............................ $20.99

OH-31 Six-5 oz. Bottles ............................... $28.99

OH-32 Twelve-5oz. Bottles .......................... $45.99

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by From_Ariel
06/23/2017 - 08:41:51 AM
Rich and Hot
I like hot sauce but I can be very choosy in which ones I like. Some are too sour, others too salty and others have too much non hot flavors like garlic overpowering the sauce.

You won't have any of those problems here. This organic Habanero sauce is very hot with that natural almost smoky flavor habeneros get when aged well. It is also salty enough to add flavor but not too much. And using Apple cider vinegar gives the sauce a softer smooth edge the other sauces don't have.

I started out buying a small 5oz bottle shown here at the store but then went to the website to buy one of the big 32oz bottles. I definitely will be buying more when I run out and that will probably be soon. This stuff goes great on everything! Best sauce I've ever had.
Reviewed by
05/20/2014 - 05:35:42 PM
Holy Smokes!
We were first introduced to Organic Harvest Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce after our daughter and son-in-law brought some back from a trip to Arizona as a gift. What an awesome gift. We have purchased this pepper sauce goodness many times ourselves now. In fact we keep a bottle or two at our office which everyone there enjoys as well.

Thanks for a truly unique and super tasty product. It goes on everything around our house. I just had it on pot pie!
Reviewed by jcjetty
04/13/2011 - 12:52:57 PM
My Favorite
I put this sauce on everything!

It is nearly a nightly visitor to my dinner table. I highly recommend it to any one who dislikes the normal vinegar taste of most hot sauces but wants good geat and a spicy zesty flavor.

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