BOGO - Double Your Gunslinger Pepper Sauces 5 oz.

BOGO - Double Your Gunslinger Pepper Sauces 5 oz.

Price: $40.00


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Buy Twelve 5-oz Bottles (One Case) of Arizona Gunslinger Pepper Sauce at a price of $40.00/Case and receive a second 5-oz Case FREE!! **

You Can Choose Your FREE Flavor!!

Mixed Cases, Add $3.00/Case. List product mix in comment section of order form

Expires: December 14, 2018


AA-11 Twelve 5-oz bottles AZGUN Jalapeno

AA-31 Twelve 5-oz bottles AZGUN Green Jalapeno
AA-41 Twelve 5-oz bottles AZGUN Chipotle Habanero
AA-51 Twelve 5-oz bottles AZGUN Habanero
AA-63 Twelve 5-oz bottles AZGUN Habanero & Mango
DG-MX Twelve 5-oz bottles AZGUN Pepper Sauces -  Mixed Case

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Reviewed by clcldavis
07/13/2011 - 07:59:52 AM
Gunslinger Red Jalapeno Sauce
Enough teeth to say hello, yet, not so much bite as to scare away the ladies. Arizona Gunslinger Red Jalapeno sauce is the perfect marriage of the beloved Jalapeno and culinary finesse. Smooth, scrumptious, blend that you can actually enjoy. You will not have it dripping off your elbows or on to your shirt because it has enough body to stay where you put it. One can enjoy this sauce on the most sophisticated dish or just on a plain cracker.
I had over one hundred different bottles of hot sauce when I met this one.
Now, I only have two in the pantry. I buy it by the case because my grown children and their spouses, for some unknown reason, think I have the only supply of Gunslinger in the world. My secret, keeps them coming back for more.