Overall Rating: 98.82%
Average Rating: 9.88/10
My name is Jason, and I’m an Arizona Gunslinger addict. Been one since 2004 going back to the Four Peaks Tempe days. The wife and I have lived in Salt Lake for almost eight years now, and just can’t live without it. Got the kids hooked too. Just got back from living abroad and had several friends visit...with Gunslinger-filled luggage. My first order directly from AGS’s site, and we just dropped some $$. Merry Xmas to us in October! BEST HOT SAUCE EVER. PERIOD. Cheers from Utah!
Jason Geck
Just finished my first bottle and I almost licked it clean.
That's the best sauce I have had since I've left the dirty South and better, thanks to gunslinger hot sauce, love it to deaf.
Norris Hilliard , Norris Carpet
Honestly, the organic hot sauces here are the best bar none. I was looking for organic sauces and this was the only one on the shelf at the grocery store here in Canada, so I tried it. What an incredible product. In a sea of generic spice-over-flavour, non-organic sauces, these stand out as perfection.
I had been in love with Sriracha since 1999. After trying the Jalapeño Pepper Sauce at a restaurant in Tucson it is now my new favorite. Thankfully the restaurant also sold it so we bought a couple bottles for our RV trip. I’m so in love
Tammy Yuth

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